We are a group of three churches in and around Llangollen. The other churches in this group are St Tysilio's and Trevor Church.

St. Collen lived during the 7th century and we celebrate his anniversary on the 21st May each year.

A new meet-up group for people of all faiths and backgrounds who are interested in the metaphysical and conversations around consciousness. 

The Llangollen churches work in partnership with HeartEdge: an international ecumenical network of 1, 500+ churches that share ideas, stories and experience of how to develop hospitable and welcoming approaches to day-to-day communal life, worship and mission. 

A selection of photos of events at St Collen's and the other churches in the Mission Area of Valle Crucis.

As part of our outreach and ministry of fun through the visual and performing arts, our group of churches has formed a new troupe that performs regular Music Hall and Variety shows in our community hall.

St. Collen's has a fine ring of eight bells.

Practice Nights are Wednesdays, 7.30 pm to 9 pm.