We are a group of three churches in and around Llangollen. The other churches in this group are St Tysilio's and Trevor Church.

Church weddingEach church is individually unique, historic and popular for weddings. For more information on getting married in Llangollen, please see ‘Life Events’ on this website.

Our Community Hall is the hub of the community and used by many different groups for meetings, talks, conferences and receptions. We have a large hall and two meeting rooms.

On the last Wednesday of the month (11am) we host a Bereavement Cafe where those who have lost loved ones cant find mutual support. Prior to this, we have a Requiem Mass (10.30am) to remember those who have died that particular month.

We feel blessed to have so many talented people in our congregations who perform, act and sing. We are looking at ways to explore faith through the visual arts and by reaching out to our schools.

The Collen PlayersOur conviction is that joy and laughter is part of the spiritual life. So, as part of our outreach, we have recently formed a troupe called The Collen Players who perform regular variety shows in our community hall. This is a great way of bringing in people from our community and beyond. Our performers are mostly from our group of churches. Within this disparate group are professional actors, performing arts students from Wrexham Glyndŵr University, and those who love all things Victorian. The Collen Players put on regular variety shows in our church hall. You can follow their activities on Facebook and Twitter.

St Collen's church offers regular Afternoon Tea Tours (Historical & Spiritual Tours) which can be booked through our website. See ‘Contact Us’.

St Collen's is considered to be the Mother Church of our group and has many outstanding architectural features. The most striking part of the building is the fifteenth century carved oak hammer beam roof. The oldest part of the church is the twelfth century vestry door which still has peepholes dating back to when those fleeing from the law would appear on the doorstep of the church and formally request sanctuary. Our patron saint, Collen, is buried in the vault beneath the church and there is a new statue dedicated to him in the south aisle.

The Ladies of LlangollenThe Ladies of Llangollen, Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby, famous for their romantic friendship, are buried in our churchyard and have a memorial plaque in the south aisle of the church.

Gruffudd Hiraethog was one of the foremost poets of the sixteenth century. He compiled a Welsh dictionary with quotations from the works of the bards to illustrate their meanings. He was born in Llangollen and is also buried in the vault.

On the north side exterior of St Collen's can be found sculptured stone work believed to be from the famous shrine of St Melangell.

St Collen's church, community hall and churchyard make a great zone of engagement for visitors, tourists and walkers passing through our historic town. The church is in the centre of the town which is considered to be the festival capital of Wales and a place where Wales welcomes the world through the International Eisteddfod.

We firmly believe that, as Christians, we are called to be missionary people: gathered together in prayer and worship and sent out to proclaim the Good News.

At one time, the people were dismissed at the end of the mass with the words “Ite, missa est” meaning “to send out” as Jesus Christ sent his disciples out to the world to take his teaching to them.

The word “Missa” is related to the word “missio,” the root of the English word "mission." The term, ‘mass’, powerfully expresses for us that the liturgy does not simply come to an end. Those assembled are sent forth to bring the fruits of the Eucharist to the world.

As Christians, we are gathered ‘in’ to worship and sent ‘out’ in mission.