We support the work of Llangollen Refugee Support Network through prayer, fundraising and donations.

The Support Network welcomes both one-off and regular donations. 

One-off donations enable them to meet one-off needs such as furnishing and equipping accommodation prior to a family’s arrival, transport to and from hospital for a refugee too ill to use the bus, supplying school uniform and other necessities, or assistance with house-moving costs. 

Regular donations enable budgets to be made and thus make longer-term commitments to the refugees we support, such as paying for wifi so that they can stay in touch with their families, helping with rent so that they can stay in Llangollen rather than having to move again, and helping pay for transport to and from the schools they have settled in, if they do have to move to a cheaper area. 

Every penny you give will go directly to helping refugees in this area rebuild their lives and even just a few pounds every month makes a difference. If you can spare more than that, all the better.

For further information, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.